Putting enjoyment into packaging

In a bid to make packaging your product a real pleasure, we have about 2,000 different products on offer. Moreover, in case you cannot find the right solution, we will make sure you will get an individually created solution, which means that your product will arrive safely at your customer. “Everything is possible” – that is our common motto.

Having the correct packaging primarily means finding the right protection for your product in order to be able to make sure it arrives at the customer fully functional and straight from the production. Call us or send us an email, so that we can find the individual packaging solution for your needs – as we are a medium-sized family business with over 150 years of experience. In fact, when it comes to creating the right packaging, we have learned to be flexible; however, tradition and consistency remain at the forefront of our work.

This constitutes the right packaging

In order to satisfy your requirements, having the right packaging material is not the only factor that is of relevance: the proper processing and the appropriate and experienced advice make packaging a real pleasure. Therefore, we are ISO 9001 certified. Our quality management provides the best results for you.

The packaging concepts that we develop arise from our clients’ wishes, and our company produces packaging solutions for all branches of industry. Whether you are looking for a standard size available at our warehouse – which covers an area over 20,000 square meters -, or special packaging, you will be able to find your desired solution in either small to medium batch sizes. We not only provide the cardboard packaging, but also the material that allows you to deliver the product in impact and corrosion-proof packaging. You can be sure: whatever you sell, we have the right packaging for it.

Our range of packaging and foils

  • Protection against corrosion (VCI)
  • Highly-effective corrosion protection paper
  • Multi-metal foil for optimal protection against corrosion
  • Stretch foils
  • Foil packaging
  • Shrink hoods
  • PE shrink sleeves, PE shrink sleeves with side folds
  • Flat shrink foils
  • Sleeve and flat foil slits
  • Flat bags and bags with side folds
  • Three-layer shrink sleeves
  • Three-layer shrink hood
  • S hood or Y hood
  • Export packaging
  • Oil paper
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Edge protection
  • Cardboard(s)