Electrical insulation and shielding

We are a valuable supplier for the cable industry

A cable is only as good as its insulation: therefore, it needs to be as reliable and of a superior quality as your own product. That is why we are a high-performance supplier in the cable industry. Why not get into contact with; one of our agents will gladly find the right insulation for your product.

Starting with widths of 3 millimeters, everything is possible

We adapt our insulating material to your precise needs. Our staff who work on some of the most modern cutting and wrapping machines can satisify all of your insulation needs. Starting at widths of of 3 mm, we are in a position to deliver aluminium and copper multi-layer foils, insulating paper, PET, PE, PP and non-wovens on narrow reels and on cross-wound bobbins.

Our insulation foils

For cable insulation, we provide the following insulation solutions:

  • PET foils: available in black, white and coloured.
  • Aluminium compound foils: Al PET, Al PVC, also available as multi-layers
  • Copper compound foils: Cu PET, Cu PVC, also available as multi-layersd
  • PP foils: high-density and foamed
  • BO PP foils
  • PE foils
  • Mica tapes

Non-woven insulation and separation tapes

Flexibility, conductivity and heat protection – these are the features of our separation tapes. Our solutions for insulation are the preferred choice for use in cables, which must have a high degree of flexibility, as well as in telecommunications cables.

The portfolio also includes

  • Paper for your data cables, power cables and transformers
  • Insulating paper in accordance with IEC 554-3-1 and IEC 554-3-5 (DIN VDE)
  • Semi-conductive paper, smooth and crêped
  • Crêpe cable paper
  • Tissue paper