Your requirements are the measure of all things

The standards of quality you put on your product should not end with the packaging: this is why Finck’s banding offers you a solution that is based on the value of your product.

Our banding not only offers an effective closure solution for your products: Finck custom-made banding is made of kraft paper with a PE coating. Therefore, based on this, you can not only modify the tape to your individual requirements, but also print important information on the product – a real alternative to labels, due to the fact that banding also protects your cardboard and products from tearing.

Banding – what your product deserves

We use different banding paper for our banding, which is available in white and brown; moreover, you can choose from different weights, thicknesses and designs.

When your product needs an individual look, we also offer transparent and coloured banding foils. Thanks to various thicknesses, colours and qualities (also PP, PET and PE), we can tailor your banding to your exact needs.

Secure and suitable for transportation – however, it is still easy to tear open

The advantages of our banding: with our product you can pack your goods securely and prepare them for transport, while the recipient can easily tear the banding at any point on the strip without the need for tools. Moreover, through using our customised printing on the banding, you can convey your message directly on the packing material.

Using our banding you can effectively bundle brochures, flyers, forms, labels, magazines, covers and banknotes and prepare them for transport. Moreover, you are able to transport blister packs and cardboard boxes safely and easily with our foils.

After the individual design is made, our banding is still suitable for all commonly used strapping and banding machines.
Please feel free to contact us if you need special banding solutions.