Interleaving layer

Your requirement is the measure of all things

We are committed to the protection of high-quality metallic surfaces. It is for this reason that we find the solution for every problem. You will find a comprehensive range in our warehouse, so we will have the right interleaving layer in stock for you.
Our kraft paper is not easy to beat: this paper boasts the highest strength on account of the fact that we only use long fibres for production. It does not contain corrosion-promoting particles. It is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.

We are able to accurately cut and roll your interleaving layer according to your requirements and in widths starting from 6 mm. You are free to determine the inner diameter, outer diameter or roll length. We guarantee that the slitting and winding will be perfect.

Our interleaving layer product range

  • Kraft paper, unbleached, 18-120 g/m2 , chlorine and acid-free, free from bulky inclusions
  • Kraft paper, bleached, 18-120 g/m2 , acid-free, free from bulky inclusions
  • Kraft paper, PE coated
  • Crêpe paper
  • VCI corrosion protection paper and foil
  • HDPE foils
  • PE foils up to a width of 8,000 mm
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets