Corrosion protection

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If you are looking for effective corrosion protection, you cannot ignore a VCI method of protection: apart from boasting effective protection without the need for oil and wax, it also does away with time consuming cleaning following transport. In addition, VCI protects areas of a workpiece that are difficult to access, such as hollow bodies and internal threads.

This is how VCI impregnation works

CI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor. VCI is a generic term that includes both inhibitors, those which are active during the vapour phase, as well as during the contact phase inhibitors.

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are substances that evaporate due to chemical reactions (sublimation), and thus saturate enclosed spaces or containers (such as boxes used for exports) with a vapour. VCI molecules attach themselves to a metal surface to form an invisible, monomolecular protective layer. Due to their polarity, they interrupt destructive electrochemical corrosion reactions.

Our corrosion protection products

  • VCI paper
  • VCI foils
  • VCI foam